Working Together

"We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again..."

Excerpt from "Working Together" © David Whyte
in The House of Belonging

Many Rivers Press

Friday, January 16, 2009

Playing for Change and Changing the Game

One of the things I really love doing is indulging in the luxury of following my heart as it accompanies my soul out into cyberspace. I am like a child crossing a river stone by surfaced stone to get somewhere. The focus is, however, in the moment and the objective of the game is to not fall in the water and get, of course, the journey and the focus is the thing, isn't it? And who of us doesn't strip down and dive into the water we so pointedly tried to avoid falling into once we get to the other side? Well, I do. So it was today and I was surprised to find myself, after following a string of links, on a distant and fascinating shore.

It began with a video that I really liked posted on a blog that I saved to my favorites. That is when I noticed that there was much more to this story than just the video I picked up. There were other videos and as I went through each one I was surprised to realize that I had just found a treasure. A musical vision that goes the distance.

What I started out with was a profound video of the song, Stand by Me, which led to an oddly disjointed promotional interview featuring Jonathan Walls and cinematographer, Mark Johnson done by RealTVFilms (made all the more poignant by Johnson's astounding maintenance of composure). From there, I was on to an incredible Bill Moyer's Journal episode interviewing Mark Johnson last year. What I ended up with was, a group of creative individuals with an inspired vision. The kind of idea that can only be born from the hearts and minds of the passionate young who are working the world into their vision of something much better for everyone.

Damn", I thought to myself, "this is REALLY righteous!"

MARK JOHNSON: You know, I remember, as I started this project, it started to build more and more importance. And I remember at some point or another, realizing that we were going to represent the eyes on the faces of the kids on this planet.

And that that was going to be our motivation. So there was no chance we were going to stop. Because the truth is, they need us to inspire each other and to create a better world. I mean, there's so many problems now with the economy and with war and a lot of depression. But at the end of the day, there's also so much hope because I can assure you, all over the world, people are beautiful and they want to unite together.

and this:
Throughout our travels we created songs around the world such as “Stand By Me” and “One Love.” These songs and videos offer musicians who have never met in person the ability to collaborate and unite through the power of music. We also interviewed all of the musicians and learned stories of how music has helped to persevere through struggles all over the world. These collections of songs and interviews serve as a reminder of the power of the human spirit as well as a means of further illustrating our global collective conscience. We live in a world with way too many starving children and way too many warring nations. As a human race we come together for birth, and we come together for death, what brings us together in between is up to us. Stop and listen to the universal language of music and bring that positive energy with you everywhere we go.

Come. Cross the river. Right here...step here then take that rock over there...see?

Think that is cool? Watch This!

Music is something I value deeply. To ensure that music continues to fill the human spirit with hope and deliverance through enabling the children of the world to have what they need to express themselves is a fine and noble investment. I will be watching this organization closely.

Thank you KateThoughts for pointing the way to one of the many waters I might want to cross.

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