Working Together

"We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again..."

Excerpt from "Working Together" © David Whyte
in The House of Belonging

Many Rivers Press

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Remember that Night in September...

A friend of mine had asked me to put up some posters for a band she was promoting in September. I was glad to comply. I could get in for free, said she. All the better, thought I.

It had been a tough week and I felt had been in a very bad automobile accident. The kind where a movable force meets an immovable object. I had just been given notice that my position at work had been dissolved. I was in shock, really, as I was never suspecting such a thing. Interesting word, "never". The full thrust of the reality of it had not taken seed in me. I didn't even fully understand why I went out that night. I don't go out a lot and my rational mind pined for being curled up in fetal position somewhere in the recesses of home.

I was standing at the bar, feeling pretty low and confused. I ordered a glass of wine. As I stood there a young woman with an angelic grin stepped up to the bar. She smiled at me and I noticed that she held stack of CDs and a felt pen. I figured she was with the band. I fell short in that conversation, as I recall...I usually do as I'm not good at social situations but I was captivated by her accessibility and the kindness that she exuded.

The reason I recall my first encounter with the violinist of Elephant Revival, Bridget Law, so vividly is because of how moved I was by the whole experience of their music throughout the evening. I can't think of a more gracious entry into a new phase of my life than with the serenade of these artists. It is like medicine for the soul to be witness to people of such a great love of music, compassion and generous spirit. That night, I felt it a great gift to find myself  placed in the path of this band particularly at this juncture. Their music moved me deeply.  I was comforted in my confusion and loss and left hopeful and inspired to perceive my situation for the true opportunity that it could be. All of this is well beyond the grasp of my own imagination, to be sure, but what a joy to be alive and to know that there is something as good in the world as Elephant Revival...I will never forget them nor the deep comfort of their spirit that I received that night through their song.

Here is a video that serves the spirit of this band admirably.  I watch it and I'm reminded once more what a beautiful world this can be.  I listen to their music and I am somehow better for it.

Elephant Revival from Kevin Heinz on Vimeo.

To get a taste of grace, enjoy a free download here.

Thank you Kevin Heinz for the outstanding video.

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Jessie said...

AMEN Sister! The band has those magical powers don't they? How blessed we are to have them transforming our mindset and breathing fresh life into our souls. Look up delight in the dictionary....and you'll surely see Elephant Revival.