Working Together

"We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again..."

Excerpt from "Working Together" © David Whyte
in The House of Belonging

Many Rivers Press

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eleven to Twelve; Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

Happy New Year!  

This one is beginning much the same way the last year began with my having to let go of things.  What I am needing to let go of now is my monthly music feature that I've been doing and enjoying in this blog for awhile now.  The problem is that in the last 90 days the bands have played on without me.  Matters of serious importance have encroached up on my established regimen of exercise and music listening and writing.  It doesn't appear I'm going to be having that kind of personal time yet for awhile...Therefore...I hope you will continue to keep me in mind when you hear an awesome talent and let me know.  I'm still keeping a list and I'll be listening to clips as I can but I have to REALLY listen to write what I want about the things I like listening to and I just don't have time for it now.  I hope to pick the habit up again later.

I know....sad.

I DO hope to continue my meditations on my word of the year...if one appears to me. It has not yet surfaced for 2012, however.  Stay tuned!

Bountiful compassion and rich reward for all sincere efforts 
for everyone in 2012!!!!

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